Quality, Reliability, Experience!

All of our partners from Scandinavian and Central European countries have a long experience in development and production of efficient and reliable ventilation equipment.

 ATC belimo  dec-logo

AirTradeCentre BV

Diffusers, grills, flexible ducts, tapes, IRIS dampers

BELIMO Automation AG

Damper actuators, valve actuators, valves

DEC International NV

Flexible ducts, diffusers, grills, tapes, back draft shutters, accessories

 etsnord  Gram  Grada


Ventilation ducts and fittings

V. Aa. Gram A/S

Extraction arms, filter units, fans, welding curtains, ATEX products

Grada International N. V.

Diffusers, grills, chilled beams

HK  logo-lindab  Produal_logo_small_1

 HK Instruments Oy

Sensors, transmitters, differential pressure switches

Lindab AS

Ventilation ducts and fittings

Produal Oy

Sensors and transmitters, room controllers

 REC  regin-logo  rosenberg  ruck-logo

REC Indovent AB

Flexible silencer, flexible ducts, accessories


Ventilation and heating controllers, valves and actuators, thermostats, sensors and other HVAC control equipment

Rosenberg GmbH

Industrial fans

Ruck Ventilatoren GmbH

Energy saving fans, Airhandling units


Seat Ventilation

Plastic industrial fans

Smay sp. zo. o.

Fire dampers, VAV -and CAV regulators, air diffusing elements, dampers grills

 thermokon  Veab

Thermokon Sensortechnik GmbH

Sensors, transmitters

Veab Heat Tech AB

Duct heaters, duct coolers, fan heaters, air curtains