Wanas 350 H/2 – residential air handling unit


Wanas 350 H/2 is a compact ventilation unit with horizontal arrangement of nozzles. It is designed for ventilating of apartments or houses. It is characterized by very low energy consumption, quiet operation, high thermal efficiency (up to 95%) and very easy of use.

The panel has been designed by a Wanas team of engineers and made with attention to details, equipped with a range of great features to be able to enjoy high comfort of use.

This unit is designed for premises up to 230 square meters.

Each air handling unit is equipped, as a standard, with touch controller which has a week clock funtion. In addition, the module Wanas MOBILE CONTROL W-15, can be purchased, for a remote control of AHU via the Internet.

You can connect also an additional heating and cooling unit to the heat recovery unit, for a heating and temperature control in your home from one source.




Product Features:

  • Efficiency of up to 95%
  • Aluminium cross-counterflow heat exchanger, the largest possible model
  • Very low power consumption, if the air volume is set for 103 m³/h, then the ventilation unit consumes only 17W
  • 3 security algorithms to prevent freezing of the heat exchanger
  • Heater – included in the price
  • Automatic bypass – included in the price
  • The touch screen controller – included in the price
  • Durable and non-flammable design – does not contain elements of polystyrene foam
  • Energy saving with the last generation of fans
  • Possibility to control the ventilation unit via the Internet

Technical description


Air volume 350 m³/h
Static pressure 230 Pa
Energy consumption 17 – 185 W
Pre-heater power 500 W
Noise 40 dB
Supply 230 V/ 50 Hz
Air ducts connections Horizontal / 160 mm
Thermal efficiency up to: 95 %
Height / width / depth 634/840/550 mm
Weight 65 kg
Filters G4 – 2 pcs. M5 – 1 pcs. As an alternative M5 – 1 pcs. G4 coalfilter – 1 pcs.
Premises area up to: 230 m²