TTC40F – Electric heating controller for DIN-rail, 3-phase, 210…415 V

TTC 40F is designed for the temperature control of heating coils and radiators. Controller pulsates the load on / off and uses timeproportional triac control. Possible to set automatic control function, P or PIcontrol. Controllers can also be configured by external 0 10 V DC signal control.



Technical description

Supply 3-phase, 210…255 / 380…415 V AC, automatic adaptation
Ambient temperature 0…40°C
Mounting DIN-rail
Measures (WxHxD) 195 x 220 x 95 mm
Protection class IP20
P-band Supply air temperature control: 20 K, fixedRoom temperature control: 1.5 K, fixed
I-time 6 min, fixed
Puls period 6…60 s
Load 40 A
Output 40 A, 3 x 400 V AC, 27 kW (3 x 230 V, 16 kW)
Setpoint 0…30°C (sensor determines the range). Note: Doesn’t apply to TTC40FX.
Sensor input Two, main and max./min. limiting sensors (NTC sensor). Note: Does not apply to TTC40FX.
Control signal 0…10 V DC



Product range

Description For use with Regin NTC sensor For external 0…10 V DC control signal only External 0…10 V DC control signal option Type
Electric heating controller with temperature control Yes Yes TTC40F
Electric heating controller Yes TTC40FX