Exigo – controller for heating and boiler control

The easy way to control heating installations in residential buildings

Exigo are controllers for heating and boiler control that make every step from installation to operation and maintenance easier than ever. Simply connect the controller, enter any settings as desired and start up. Exigo can be used either stand-alone or integrated into a network using BACnet, Modbus and EXOline. It has built-in support for many different languages. Exigo is designed for mounting on a DIN-rail or in a cabinet door or over a device box. It can also be mounted directly on a wall. Exigo supports control of up to 3 heating circuits, 2 DHW circuits and boiler control of 1-4 boilers. It also has Delta T control over the heat exchanger.


Technical data

Supply voltage 230 V AC
Ambient temperature 0…50 °C
Storage temperature -20…+70 °C
Ambient humidity Max. 95 % RH, non-condensing
Protection class IP20 (IP40 when mounted in cabinet door)
Battery backup Memory and real-time clock function
Display 4 rows of 20 characters each, backlit
Analogue inputs (AI) PT1000 (-50…+150°C)
Digital inputs (DI) Potential-free closure
Analogue outputs (AO) Configurable 0…10 V DC; 2…10 V DC; 10…0 V DC or 10…2 V DC (8 bit D/A short-circuit protected)
Digital outputs (DO) 7x relay, 230 V AC, 1 A inductive load, max. 7 A total
Communication ports
TCP/IP Web server, EXOline, Modbus, BACnet/IP
RS485 EXOline, Modbus, BACnet MS/TP
Two-line bus (M-Bus+/M-Bus-) M-Bus

Product Range

Article Display AI DI UA DO RS485 ports TCP/IP ports M-Bus ports Power cons.
HC190D-1 X 4 2 7 7,5 VA
HC191-1 4 2 7 1 6,5 VA
HC191D-1 X 4 2 7 1 7,5 VA
HC192DW-1 X 4 2 7 1 1 10 VA
HC192W-1 4 2 7 1 1 9 VA
HC193DWM-1 X 4 2 7 1 1 1 10,5 VA