Pulser DSP – Electric heating controller with dsiplay, 1- or 2-phases, 200…415 V

  • With display
  • Adjustable P-band and I-time


Zone controller for electric heating applications. It can be connected to 1- or 2-phase electric heatiers, radiators etc. Pulser-DSP has internal sensor, but extarnal sensor can be attached. For comfortable heating control also presence detector can be connected, in means if room is not occupied, controller is on standby mode with  reduced setpoint.Setpoint, P-band and standby values set by the controller buttons.


Tehnilised andmed

Toitepinge 200…415 V AC, automaatne seadistus
Väljund (koormus) 2.3 kW kui pinge 230 V AC, 4 kW kui pinge 400 V AC
Paigaldus Seinale
Kaitseklass IP30
Seadepunkt 0…30°C (andur määrab vahemiku (Regin NTC andur))
Mugavusküte 0…30°C
Ooterežiimi temperatuur 0…30°C
P-band 0.5…99.5 K
I-aeg 1…999 s
Kohaloleku tuvastus On/off


Kirjeldus Tüüp
Elektrikütte kontroller ekraaniga PULSER-DSP