Solutions for ventilation, heating and room control


REGIN’S CONSTANT OBJECTIVE is to find the right product and the best solution that fits your specific needs. Whether we’re dealing with the choice of control valves or the construction of huge, complex systems, we’ll always be there to support and help you as well as solve your problems.

Our path to optimal ventilation solutions

When dealing with ventilation solutions, at Regin we always turn to the concept of bringing the outdoors feeling indoors. Our objective is to create the perfect combination between heat, cold and appropriate air quality – while saving energy. Whether we’re dealing with an apartment building, a university or premises where the demands on air quality are extra strict, with Regin’s intelligent controllers and wide HVAC and Systems range, the ideal solution for your particular project is always within reach.

Download the folder for ventilation solutions here

Our path to optimal heating solutions

At Regin we constantly have the comprehensive solution in mind when developing our heating systems and products. For us it’s all about making sure our customers can use our product range to create comfort and energy savings, worldwide – no matter the heating source or the type of building. Our solutions are a result of close cooperation with our customers and our partners.

Download the folder for heating solutions here

Our path to optimal room control

The starting point for all of Regin’s solutions for room control lies in simplicity and thoroughness. Every product we develop is the result of close cooperation with our customers and partners. Together, we make it easy to create comfort and decrease energy usage on both large and small scale. Our tool to make this happen is our wide selection of products – products that create the necessary prerequisites for tailor-made solutions – from VAV to chilled beams and fan coil applications.

Download the folder for room solutions here